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Medical Research Writing Services for HEC & PMDC Approved Journals

Want to get Research Papers for Publishing on Top Rated Medical Journals? If you want to get your papers published  locally at PMDC and HEC approved journals then you will have to take some extra steps to get your paper approved and published.

If you are a doctor then we will suggest you to select topic at your own base don your specific professional requirements.It’s very easy and feasible for you to collect the data from patients if your paper is based on primary data.If your topic requires secondary data then you can get it form hospital records which is mostly accessible for you without revealing any personal details to keep the privacy of patients.You can get permission from your MS or can even ask individual patients to fill the form with the intent of research.We can help you make a questionnaire on Google form as well to make the process fast and easy to analyze for SPSS or further analysis.

Our Medical Writing Services

You can than select the topic based on variables or ask WritersPK to write research paper based on their findings.

This way you will be involved in research paper writing and collection of data.

Here we can help in writing your research paper according to specific journal “instruction for Authors” guideline.

Lastly,you can shortlist which specific journal you want to publish and share the details with us to follow their guidelines.

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As an experienced writers, we can assure you best work done at our end from writing to submission at recognized academic journals.We already published research papers on those journals and know what specific style and language to follow to get your paper approved for publication.

At writerspk we can help you in all steps at reasonable cost to get your paper published on Journals.Contact us to get the deal.