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How to directly hire Professional academic writers

You might have paid extra amount to third part sites (fiverr, Upwork and freelancer) for hiring a professional academic writer. It not only costs extra amount but also you are unable to talk to them directly after you have reviewed them. It is important to talk to professional academic writers directly for saving money and time. We are intended to help you by providing effective ways and guidelines for hiring professional academic writers directly without the intervention of third party service providers. Here are few but effective things that will help you how to directly hire professional academic writers.

  • One of the ways to hire freelance academic writers directly is to find out their linked in profiles. From Linkedin you can contact them directly and discus you task with them. It will cost no extra amount for you if you hire them this way.
  • Another way to hire freelance academic writers directly without the assistance of any third party sites, is to copy their names from fiverr, upwork etc. and paste it in google. It will provide you their portfolio and you can directly contact them for your project.
  • You can also find out their direct contacts from websites or blog that provide the direct details of freelancers with their area of expertise. You can contact them directly and get your job done without paying any extra cost.
  • Facebook is another way to get in touch with potential academic writers. There are numerous groups of academic writers on facebook. You can view profiles of top ranked writers and give send them a message. You can share your project with them and settle the price with them. In this way you can contact academic writers directly.
  • Mostly it is not recommended to talk to academic writers for direct contacts on third party sites. But recently many people get direct contacts of academic writers from third part services by asking them send a file of their direct contacts. Sometimes freelancers agree to the terms because their profit will not be cut down if they work outside these sites.

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