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How to Write a Thesis for Masters in computer Science

Before you are about to start your MS Computer Science thesis, this is the article you should be reading first. The scope of this article is specific to the field of computer science thesis development in Pakistan. Firstly, you need to be sure about your area of interest and some skills regarding that skill, for successful completion of your thesis in Computer Science.

1.      Skills Checklist for your thesis

  • A good grade point average for evaluation of your academic skills, knowledge and concepts regarding your area of interest.
  • Technical writing skills, as expressing the main thought in an effective and easy, yet technical manner is necessary for scientific writing.
  • A good command on computer programming languages as the thesis is not the part where you will be learning programming, but implementing something.

2.      Selection of Topic

Most of the students get stuck at this part, even if they are sure about their area of interest, they don’t know what to do. The main focus of your thesis should be to publish at least one article from your research in an impact factor journal, which would require strong idea and innovative implementation.

Selection of topic should be carried out in such a way that the selected topic should have a utility and also should be beneficial for society so that you can publish a research article in an Impact Factor. Moreover, publishing in pure computing field is quite troublesome, therefore, a multidisciplinary research is the most optimal option.

Read recent articles from journals of well-known publishers such as IEEE, Springer, ACM, Elsevier, and Taylor and Francis. Focus on their implementation, results and future directions. If you find an article, you want to work on, you can do by:

  • Improving the results accuracy of a recently published study.
  • Modifying methodology for more effective, accurate and efficient results.
  • Proposing a further enhancement/extension in work.

3.      Proposal

Based on the topic you found, write a summary/proposal of your topic covering following headings and present it to your supervisor:

  1. Abstract
  2. Background
  3. Problem Statement
  4. Objectives
  5. Related Work
  6. Overview of methodology

If it gets approved by your supervisor, then it is Eureka for you. Otherwise, go back to step 2. Search a topic again and don’t forget, there are hundreds of thousands of problems waiting to be solved in the world of Computer Science.

4.      Implementation

After approval, start working on your problem. You need to find data for your study and for this, you don’t need to worry if you have carried out the step 2, meticulously. By reading recent studies, you have gone through a number of relevant papers. Most of the times, dataset and source code of study is accessible at journal website. If not, you can simply request the corresponding author of the paper you followed through email. Using this approach, implementing your algorithm and produce results.

5.      Write up

The last part is write-up and interpretation of your results. A thesis of MS(CS) is usually divided into following sections:


  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Methodology
  4. Results
  5. Discussion


References and Bibliography

Here, I want to provide you with some suggestions for writing an immaculate thesis:

  • Always start writing the Methodology and Results section first. These sections are totally dependent on your study.
  • Try to add more tables and figures for an immaculate representation of your results.
  • After interpretation of results, go through the similar related work which is already published. Discuss your results thoroughly and compare them with other related studies. This would be your discussion section.
  • After such thorough study, you are now familiar with your topic, its background, problem, their solution and the related work of the topic. Blending this all would result in the development of first two sections of the thesis which are Introduction and Literature review.
  • After all this write-up, you can write a summary of the whole thesis on a single page which would be your Abstract section.
  • For conclusion, you need to elaborate what you concluded from the study, how it will serve society and mankind, and how it can be further extended/improved so that the other students like you can work on this and the chain goes on.
  • Always keep citing the references while you are writing. This is a good practice and professional way of scientific writing. For this, you can use EndNote.

Good luck with your thesis!

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