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Top 10 Psychology Research Topics in 2024

Psychology is an exciting and growing field of all subjects because it affects our daily life directly or indirectly. Emotions,reactions,motivation,love,hate and affections are some of the widely spoken words.It encompasses both research and practice related to psychopathology and to mental and physical health. It is more exploratory and interesting when you are pursuing your Master or Phd degree in Psychology field. If you are a Masters student of psychology and looking forward to trending issues of Psychology’s thesis, here are some top issues to research and explore:

Impact of insight therapy on drug addicts:

Insight therapy is designed to help people gain an understanding of the root causes behind their feelings and problems. It is especially helpful because it deals directly with the individual’s anxiety to help change self-concepts effectively and mend relations with one’s family and friends. In today’s world where drug addiction is becoming a major issue, benefits of many therapies are seen. Despite the fact that significance of psycho dynamic therapies for drug addicts is huge, researches supporting insight therapy are missing. Therefore, this research seeks/aims to evaluate the importance of insight therapy in the field of rehabilitation and long-lasting recovery of drug addicts.

Here are relevant research papers that can be helpful in selecting the topic and research gap.

  1. Personality, Addiction, Dopamine: Insights from Parkinson’s Disease
  2. The Neurocircuitry of Impaired Insight in Drug Addiction

Impact of personal egotism on ideal self:

 Egotism is the drive to enhance favorable views of oneself. It often includes intellectual, physical, social, and other over-estimations. The egotist has an overwhelming sense of the centrality of the ‘Me’. It means placing oneself at the centre of one’s world with no concern for others. It is quite different from altruism and egoism used in psychology. 

Here is the question that is there any impact of personal egotism on ideal self? And how people overcome or cope with this? The answer to such questions can only be found after research

Self-esteem and prejudice: 

It is a fact that in some communities, countries and states discrimination due to color, race, religion, and ethnicity occurs even today. Prejudice is a negative attitude towards the members of specific social groups which lowers their self-esteem. In this modern era, which is all about freedom of speech, there still exists a stereotype threats. A growing body of studies undercuts conventional assumptions that genetics or cultural differences lead some students – such as African Americans or girls – to do poorly on standardized academic performances. Instead, it’s become clear that negative stereotypes raise inhibiting doubts and high-pressure anxieties in a test-taker’s mind, resulting in the phenomenon of “stereotype threat.”

This is an exploring topic and the research aims to provide the positive and negative effects of prejudice and discrimination on self-esteem of special social groups and to highlight their negative or aggressive behaviors  due to it. 

Effects of bad memories on intelligence:

Intelligence is the aggregate or global capacity of an individual to act purposefully, to think rationally and to deal effectively with his environment. It is a general mental capability that, among other things, which involves the ability to reason, plan and solve problems. Keeping this in mind, one must assume there to be a relationship between intelligence and bad experiences but “is there any connection in between?” This is exactly what this research aims to answer and in specific this research would outline that to what extent bad experiences can impact the intelligence of an individual.

Gratitude and psychological distress:

Being grateful has been associated with many positive outcomes, including greater happiness, positive affect, optimism, and self-esteem. This proactive acknowledgement can increase well-being, health, and happiness. Being grateful and especially the expression of it is also associated with increased energy, optimism and empathy. Gratitude allows us to recognize good in our lives. Focusing and appreciating for good constantly reminds us about great things all around us.

But there is still limited research, especially on the relationship  between gratitude and different domains of psychological stress.  

However nowadays people are suffering from stress while having everything. Therefore, this topic seeks to find the relation between gratitude and stress.

Social issues affecting children, adolescents and families:

There are number of social circumstances (natural disaster, child labor, abuse, violence and neglect, economically, traditions, gender discrimination) can greatly impact on the children, adolescents and their families. Parent child attachment and relationship warmth play an important role in pleasant family environment while still in some situations parents or children don’t have good communication that’s why parents are not properly aware of their child’s problem.Here the researchers need to explore new parenting styles so that it become easy for children or adolescents to communicate.

Islamic psychology and western psychology:

Psychology is a science which employs the scientific method for gathering knowledge and information. It uses scientific procedures that is essential to be adopted in order to carry out psychological research, otherwise the research will not be authentic and reliable. Now and in past there are a lot of Islamic philosophers and scholars participate in the field of psychology to explain things in the light of their religion. Researchers found that many Muslims are hesitant to seek help from the mental health professionals in western countries due to the differences in their beliefs and lack of understating of the helping professionals about Islamic values in their treatment modalities. Consequently, Muslims might feel uncomfortable in seeking psychiatric help to avoid being in conflict with their religious beliefs. The aim of this issue is to highlight the role of Islam in the management of different psychiatric disorders; and provide psychiatrists especially those working in Western countries with Muslim patients or Western psychiatrists travelling to Islamic countries or to those who are not familiar with Islamic values with therapeutic modalities that are congruent with Islamic values.

We think it is highly beneficial to integrate certain Islamic views in Westernized therapeutic techniques to make them more acceptable by Muslim societies.

Psychotherapy vs drug therapy:

Psychotherapy is planned activity of the psychologists, the purpose of which is to accomplish changes in the individual that make his life adjustment happier, more constructive or both. In different surveys, respondents who received psychotherapy alone improved as much as those who received psychotherapy plus drug therapy as part of their treatment. In drug therapy clients often get addicted to the medications and think that this is the only way to a new life. This research aims to establish the benefits and drawbacks of each type of therapy and ascertain which one or a combination of both could be beneficial for different types of patients.

Real self and socialization in youth:

Over the past few years socialization become more viral, especially in youth. Socialization in this era is the most important factor of life. The self is both the simple and complex concept. It is not a mental construct located inside your head-it is you, a social being with a ability to engage in symbolic communication and self-awareness. The reason the word social being is used to define the self is because selves develop in isolation but we only do so within social context. The aim of this paper is to find the effects of socialization on real self?

Suicidal thoughts and youth: 

No one commits suicide out of joy. It is the psychological pain and agony that one wants to avoid. Suicide has been observed throughout the history.  It has been recorded from ancient times but still this is the top issue that needs researcher’s attention. This research hopes to answer the following questions:

  • In this modern age of social media and technology why is our youth going to the wrong path?
  • Why are they more aggressive?
  • How do they cope with the suicidal thoughts?

These psychological issues are appealing and can be explored to the next level of your thesis and dissertation writing process. The true value of research lies if it helps explore new aspects to the readers. A new depth to the research can help become better psychologists in their future, and the extent to which it encourage the researchers in most efficient and motivating ways. I hope that you have also found at least one of these psychological topic inspiring you for your research thesis.  

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