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What is a term paper?How to write one effectively

People often confuse Term paper with Research paper. A common mistake as both of them might have few common features but there is still a difference between the two. So what is really a term paper?

Term paper is written at the end of Term period and is considered a significant paper when it comes to the accumulation of the total Final exam percentage. Term Paper s carried out to access the ability of a student as to whether he or she has acquired sufficient knowledge of a particular subject. The total word count for a Term paper is in between figures of 3000 to 5000 words. Term paper has two basic purposes a conducted by the teachers.

  • Critical examination of student for current topics
  • Student’s own opinion towards the given topics

To place in a nut shell; term paper is a test required by examiners to carry out assessment o a student towards the acquired knowledge in a persuasive and argumentative style. These persuasions are to be made on facts followed reliable sources that must be of the following sources primarily.

  • Academic papers
  • Scholarly magazines
  • General textbooks of the relevant topics

Term paper topics are chosen not by student but by the teachers or often by the students themselves. Research and reference materials are often provided by instructing heads for the ease of students. One critical point before writing the term paper’s final draft is to create a clear outline of the topics with help of given materials. The one crucial difference in between Term paper and Research paper is that Term paper is given at the end of an academic term whereas Research paper can be given at any time of the academic period.

 Term Paper Writing Steps for Students:-

Now we come to the main question as to How to write an effective Term Paper? For that we have gathered a bunch of following step[s that can ensure the writing of an effective Term Paper to aid in your final exam’s accumulated percentage.

Choosing your topic:-

Often stunts are given the opportunity to choose a topic for themselves, always make sure to take advantage of this. Choose the one that piques your interests most and after choosing it covert it into a one of a kind Topic that can be easily covered in the given time frame. Always take in regard the comments of various people’s opinions and comments on your topic to get a more clear insight.

Research thoroughly on the topic:-

Make a thorough research of the topic that you have chosen. Thorough research includes the following points.

  • Background of topic
  • Current thinking of various sources on it
  • Future research related to it

I your research take into consideration the primary sources like documents and original text as well as the secondary sources like explanations for primary sources and various people interpretations on the topic.

Developing an outline:-

Often people skip this part which is the most crucial when writing an effective Term Paper. Sketching an outline of your topic gives you a clear path as to the road of writing your term paper’s topic more effectively. Following are some of the basic features of a clear outline development.

  • Introduction
  • Discussion of the sections
  • Conclusions
  • Set out descriptive sections for the introduction paragraph
  • Setting a clear background theme
  • Analysis of the sections along with arguments
  • Putting the questions of the punts that are yet out of your expertise or understanding

Making a point at very start:-

Introductory paragraph can be a little challenging but instead of making it a hurdle, try to keep it simple while making your points clear. Introductory paragraph tends to be rewritten many times as one continues to write on their Term paper due to all the changes and flow of the topic during its final steps. Always keep in mind to start it as a simple one with a mindset of it being changed several times ahead of time. This saves you the trouble of feeling hassled when changing introductory paragraph over and over again as it is quite normal.

Consider this also as a chance to grasp the basic breakdown of a Term Paper and also how to simplify it with all the explanation that can pique the interest of a reader. One of the best methods when writing the introductory paragraph is HIT approach and is consistent of following steps.

  • Hooking the reader with arising a question or a quote. Other than that an anecdote is also useful when relating the topic which will later be thoroughly explained in thesis.
  • Introducing your topic while remaining a sense of clarity and straightforwardness.
  • Thesis statement with a core of explaining words that can have different technical meaning in various subject fields.

Convince the reader with Body Paragraphs:-

Body paragraphs of your term paper should be not only consistent of information but also arguments that are presented with a newer approach. The key to writing these paragraphs is that one must isolate the first line of each of Body Paragraphs and must be presented in a way that they prove your thesis.

Conclusion with a strong impact:-

While concluding your term paper, try to make use of simple method ROCC which is explained as follows.

  • Restating one’s thesis before conclusion for any strong point.
  • One specific detail in the last body paragraph
  • Concluding your research and finalizing he term paper
  • Clincher is the method to give the reader something that they can ponder on themselves after reading

Make use of unique presentation style:-

This is not directly related to Term paper but can still be proven beneficial. After receiving or choosing topic for your term paper, find out what method of citation does your instructor likes. Commonly used citation methods are either MLA or APA. Both of these offer unique notation system. Making occasional quotes in your term paper is also a better style approach when making your point. However do not try to make too many quotations that might give reader a feeling that other writers are making the point whose quotes you are using instead of writing your own paper. Following are some of the style enhancing tips for writing an effective term paper.

  • Do not simply cut and paste other people arguments instead make use of your own thinking.
  • Avoid the use of words like “A Says, B Says”. The reader is interested in the regard of “What You Say”.
  • To avoid scramble of your Term Paper, try sorting your Bibliography at the very start of writing the term paper.

Make use of eloquent words to reduce length of paper:-

Space is regarded as a core when grading a Term paper. The best approach is to not make your term paper length with common words instead try to cull it down with use of eloquent and relevant words in a sensible manner that is crucial for your topic. Always check your work to determine if you have made your point with fewer word counts.

Instead of slacking do a quick proof read:-

Instead of slacking to proof read your paper make it a must to Proof read after writing it.  The best way for a spell check is to do it on MS Word. Their efficient spell check system will point out the most obvious but still often made mistakes. Instructors are simply not impressed by little mistakes instead it gives them a vibe that no heart was put into writing this paper no matter how well it really is. One other spell check method is to ask a friend for reading it. You can additionally ask him to point out the mistakes and mrk them.

Grammar is not something that your teacher is going to correct for you at this stage of your academic life. Commonest mistakes can be due to misuse of even Apostrophe Comma. If you have made occasional minute errors like these, then your meaning towards topic is soon lost in eyes of instructor making it a mess for your overall percentage.

State a catchy Topic title while remaining concise:-

Often students think of the title at the very start of writing the paper while others after writing the whole paper come up with a catchy title. On the other hand here are still some who cannot think of a proper title. For those, best way is to consult with their family or friends. One can be surprised when after consulting with an unacquainted fellow; the aforementioned can come up with a more suitable title than you ever can.

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