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Top 10 thesis Topics for IR Students in 2021

International Relations traditionally concerns itself mostly with politics,law,war,economy and energy with state to state relations. You have more than million options to select the topic for your thesis and dissertation.The only limitation is your own resources and timeline which you must consider while selecting the topic.Your selected topic must add new dimension to the already available literature and must address soem specif issues. Your supervisor might be very helpful in your topic selection and always give value to your supervisor option with your own addition of topics as well. Make sure whatever topic you select should have enough literature available from peer reviewed academic journals and not only from news sites and other platforms.This will help defend your dissertation at the end of your degree program.

Trending International Relations Topic for your thesis and dissertation

Following are some of the International relations trending topics in 2021 that you can choose for your dissertation. We have categorized each topic under main topic:

Shift In Balance Of Power: Uni polarity To Multi polarity

The USA considers herself the superpower. Russia and China’s alliance has shifted the world from unipolar to multipolar. USA concern of changing shift is evidenced by its change in foreign policy to “Make America Great Again”.

Following topics you can further narrow down for your study in 2021:

  • Policy shift in US Russia Relations after Donald Trump.
  • Understanding Russia’s Intervention in Syria and it’s impact on US-Europe relations
  • Thirty Years of U.S. Policy Toward Russia: Can the Vicious Circle Be Broken?
  • China’s Growth as a super power: is US Threatened?
  • USA- China Trade war impact on Global Trade.
  • US military pullout from Germany as a policy shift on Europe.
  • Exploring the causes of Conflict Between India and China.
  • India-China Border Clash a concern for the rest of the world?
  • China’s Economic Growth – The Effects and Consequences on the World
  • The role of UN in resolving Indian illegal annexation on Kashmir.

Chinese Financial Institutions Duplicating The IMF

The Chinese major development institutions are criticized for duplicating the western development financial institutions. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and Belt and Road Initiative Bank are supposed to provide loan to developing countries under the cover of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) projects to control their policy concerns for the future. These can control their policies as previously done by the IMF and World Bank.

  • What have been the Economic impacts of China’s One belt one Road projects on Indian Economy?
  • How have the goals of feminists changed over the Past 5 years?
  • How has the Trump presidency changed international relations?
  • Analyze the history of the relationship between the United States and North Korea.
  • What factors contributed to the current decline in the rate of unemployment?
  • What have been the impacts of states which have increased their minimum wage?
  • How do US immigration laws compare to immigration laws of other countries?
  • How have the US’s immigration laws changed in the past few years/decades?
  • How has the Black Lives Matter movement affected discussions and view about racism in the US?
  • What impact has the Affordable Care Act had on healthcare in the US?
  • What factors contributed to the UK deciding to leave the EU (Brexit)?
  • What factors contributed to China becoming an economic power?
  • Discuss the history of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Intra Afghan Dialogue: Impact Of Taliban Constraints

The Afghan Peace Talk incorporates all the stakeholders. The Afghan government, Local Parties, Taliban representation, USA and regional stakeholders. The Taliban constraints to include the Afghan government in peace talks and the specified timeline for the departure of USA troops raise a concern about vacuum creation in Afghanistan which can lead to civil war in the country.

You can further narrow down the topic to the issue of terrorism, women rights in Afghanistan, INDIA, Pakistan, USA and Russia role in Afghan Crisis. US withdrawal from Afghanistan is another opportunity for the IR students to explore new topics.
You can select following topics that could make your paper interesting and up-to-date.

1Future of Afghanistan after US-NATO withdrawal
2The way forward in Afghanistan: US exit as a Peace Prospect
3The Iran-Taliban Relationship: Impact on Afgan Peace Process
4Paksitan India Role in Afgan Peace Process
5Security issues in context of Political violennce in Afganistan
6The Human Cost of US-NATO Presence in Afghanistan: 2001-2020
7Human Rights Vilations in Afganistan under Taliban Regime vs Post 9/11
8Afghanistan at the Centre of the new Great Game: Implications for Paksitan
9Security Chaleneges of ISIS-Al-qaida for Afgan Peace Talk
10The Challenges and the Benefits for U.S. National Security of Providing Foreign Assistance to Afghanistan
11A Path Forward for U.S. Government Spending in Afghanistan
12Biden’s Options for Afghanistan: Losing or Not Losing
13Lessons learnt for USA war on Afghanistan after 9/11—a debate on the positive and negative impacts.
14US Policy in Afghanistan – Challenges and Policy Options for Pakistan after US exit
15How Indian Factor could impact Peace Prospects for Afghanistan
16Regional Threats and Security Strategy in Middle East and its Implications for Afghanistan
17Impact of US-Iran Relations on Afghan Peace Process
18China’s Geopolitical Ambitions and its Impact on Afghanistan Peace
19Prospects for Afghan Civilinas under Biden Rule
20War Crimes in Afghanista: Cirisis of Accountbaility for ICJ
International Relations topics Related to Afghan War

BRI: Regional Connectivity And Beyond

BRI is supposed to build like the Marshal Plan. The six land routes and one maritime route will connect Asia to Central Countries, Europe, Africa, and South American countries. The Marshal Plan was proposed by America to develop western Europe and OBOR is projected by China to develop other countries and achieve global connectivity. Therefore, China is accused of duplicating the Western and European model of development. 

  • Impact of CPEC on Pakistan’s Economy.
  • Political cost of CPEC on Pakistan India relations.
  • CPEC as a Game changer or a Debt Trap.
  • China’s Presence in Africa: Challenging US Global World Order
  • China’s engagement in Africa: Security-Development Nexus
  • Scope and Consequences of Chinese investments on African Countries
  • China’s foreign Policy towards Africa.

US Sanctions On Iran and it’s impact on regional peace

The sanctions on Iran started in 1979 when the American Embassy was detained in Tehran. The current scenario USA mandate for the shutdown of Iran Nuclear Program. Iran justified by saying the nuclear program is for the deterrence and national security concerns. The tension between the two is escalated by Trump’s hardcore sanctions on trade with Iran and economic suppression. 

  • Iran as a strategic threat to USA in middle East.
  • Impact of US sanctions on Iran’s interest in Iraq.
  • Impact of US Sanctions on Iran nuclear program.
  • Iran militia’s impact on Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Afghanistan-Iran Relations after US Withdrawal.
  • Implications of US Sanctions on Iran for India/Pakistan
  • The New Great Game in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Iran as a Peace Maker Role in Afghanistan after US withdrawal.

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Reason Of OIC Failure

The Organization of Muslim Cooperation (OIC) could not take stand for the Israeli occupied territories and Israel human rights violation. The OIC fail to unite Muslim leaders for unified action against the Israeli army violations. What factors can unite Muslim leaders and what factors create hurdles for unified OIC Muslims leaders? 

US Foreign Policy Towards North Korea

North Korea as a revolutionary state and communist bloc is a peril to the USA as a capitalist. The USA has imposed sanctions to denuclearize its nuclear program after its initial nuclear test in 2006. The Chinese and Russian influence in the country has further escalated the tension between the two. The financial penalties are imposed on North Korea to destabilize it for nuclear proliferation programs.

Human Rights Violation In Indian Occupied Kashmir

The UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Kashmir 2018 has given a voice to the unheard. The UN was previously criticized being unresponsive towards the human rights violations despite the passing of plebiscite rights to the Kashmiri. Pakistan supports the plebiscite and their right of self-determination but Indian police ongoing desecrations still exist. The UN report held India accountable but India denied the facts. The Kashmir uphold multiple parties which have different agendas. The first type asks for a separate independent state, the second asks for a merger with India and third ask for a merger with Pakistan. This complex issue needs dire attention to bring peace in the zone and to prevent it from becoming a war zone.
Abrogation of Article 370, Domicile laws and other Draconian Laws could be an additional topics related to Kashmir issue.

IR topics Related to Yemen Conflict:

  • Exploring the Role of the UN in Protecting Civil Harm in Yemen.
  • Investigating the Human Rights Abuses in Yemen ( it can be Narrow down to US and its allies as well)
  • Lessons to learn from the failure of 2018 UN-led Stockholm Agreement  on Yemen Ceasefire.
  • Exploring the Strategies to End Humanitarian Conflict in Yemen.
  • Role of US Policy Shift under Biden in Resolving Yemen Conflict.

Syrian Crisis Turn Into Civil War

The Syrian rebels upsurge and making an alliance with western countries in the form of Free Syrian Army. The forced resignation of Bashar Al Assad was in demand. The uncontrolled situation has led foreign forces and troops to intervene in the internal conflict. It has now become a global hub of terrorism and fall in the domain of international relations. The multi-group fights have turned the uprising into civil war. The foreign-sponsored terrorism and Syrian rebels are in an ongoing fight with the Syrian army. The Syrian territory is divided into two sections, labeled as; Syrian Army occupied territory and rebels occupied territory. This ongoing war zone is split into multiple groups in occupied territories. 

Iran,ISIS and Syria are the major players in Syrian conflict where USA, Saudi Arabia and other western countries alliance have made this affecting other nations. Killing of Abu Al baakr Baghdadi as an ISIS leader last month can make an excellent topic for the dissertation where students can learn the impact of ISIS in this conflict.

Global Water Crisis 

The water crisis has transformed into a global issue. The estimated 844 million people do not have an approach to hygienic drinking water worldwide. It means one out of ten individuals has to lack access to water. The UN has declared 22 March as World Water Day to present global water facts. The major areas affected include sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, cape town, Michigan, and flint. The overall 2.1 billion people are vulnerable to unsafe drinking water. 

Reading UN reports and Facts can be a guideline document to narrow down your thesis and dissertation topic for your Master or Phd degree.

The author is an MSc Sociology and keen observer of international politics and global trends. Aina Armstrong.


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    1. Thanks for your interest in our writing services. Some interesting and novel topics i would suggest you:

      1)How to differentiate Terrorism and Freedom Movements in the modern World? Case study of Palestine and Kashmir.
      2) US-China Trade war in Biden Era
      3) Impact of Corporate Companies on US Foreign Policy

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    1. Thanks for your interest in our writing services. Some interesting and novel topics i would suggest you:

      1)How to differentiate Terrorism and Freedom Movements in the modern World? Case study of Palestine and Kashmir.
      2) US-China Trade war in Biden Era
      3) Impact of Corporate Companies on US Foreign Policy
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    1. What is your major degree title? There could be many options for human rights topics and it depends which country you want to focus as this will need primary data collection as well.

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  15. I also want to write on both the desirable and undesirable impacts of global migration. What could be the best way to structure the topic?
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  16. “China rise as global power of though Hybrid economy and military. Especially china successfully recovered from Civid-19 impact which may be a role model for Europe and rest of the world”
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