99+ psychology research topics for students

99+ Unique Psychology Dissertation Topics in 2024

Are you looking for an extraordinary topic for your psychology dissertation or research paper? Look no further because you are at the right place where you will get your topic shortlisted for a write up. Searching for a good topic seems more difficult and challenging than working on the topic itself. Well, we are here to provide you some most amazing topics for your research.

Finding a good topic is one of the most important steps when writing any  research paper. Psychology is such a broad subject, so you have to find a topic that allows you to adequately cover the subject without becoming overwhelmed with information.

Writing a Psychology Dissertation

You should be very clear about your Research objectives and must know your topic details. Your research work should be practical supported by facts and figures. After selecting the topic for your research, you should be able to write an abstract for your research or thesis in particular. Then it goes further on to the introduction part, literature review and data collection and so on. Thus, you should do some pre work on your selected topic.

Another most important thing is, you should reach out or listen to your instructor as his experience will save you from most of the problems.

How to Write a Good quality Research Paper?

Creating a good quality research paper depends on how much effort you are going to put in your research work plus how much pre study you have done about your topic. A good paper work before an actual research is always the best idea. Here are some important points which you should consider while doing a research work.

What Research Approach to follow for Your Psychology Research Topic?

Now moving on to the next step, choosing a research type. There are two main types in psychology research paper. The first one is empirical paper and the other one is literature review approach.

In empirical paper the study is based on the methods and findings of the original work while in literature review approach, the work is based on already done work means past researches.

Research Phase of your Topic

Alright, research working phase is the next step right after you decide your topic. Research phase, in a simple word is called practical work where you try to do all possible work whether its theory related or a field related work. You can say that this is the part where students enjoys the most because it’s kind of thrilling for them to do the research or to create something by themselves.

Helpful Sources for Thesis Topic Selection
How to Select topics for your business degree

There are basically 4 phases of research work. It consists of findings, data gathering, analysis of the data and results. The research work needs a lot of concentration and a lot of your hard work, so, while doing your research you should always be mentally present at each step of your research work.

Make an outline of your Topic to have an idea of its depth and limitations:

Making an outline should be considered as important as writing or working on the research work, this should be your mandatory step before giving soul to the research body. Well the notes that you make before your research work are going to be very helpful in the process alongside you have to write down all the important points that your research might need. This will save you from many problems later as you won’t stress on re memorizing all the stuff that you thought of working on your research. Making an outline before starting an actual work will save your time as well. This is a great approach that you should always consider for your research work.

Writing Phase

After knowing that you did all the important work before jumping into the field work, like for example choosing the right topic, knowing the kind of research work you are going to do and making a rough guide. Now its time to jump into the proper research work, after doing all the required stuff one needs for his research work, write whatever point you feel like, that is related to your work, grammatical mistakes are totally non considerable in you research work, that is why you should always focus on your research despite worrying about the grammatical mistakes. Once you know that your first draft is all ready to go for checking by an expert or your professor, you should always cross check your mistakes or talk to your seniors, who would probably be helping you in reading your research and checking your mistakes. This is such a good option while you are new to research work as it will help you save your time plus you will learn how to go through your mistakes and correct them on time. Also ask for your fellow friends help for their unbiased opinion about your research work who must be related to your field. Then after all this, check the work by yourself and go through all the research you did. This should be your last step to check your research work by yourself, then you are good to go for the submission of your work.

99+ unique Topic ideas for Psychology students

  1. Anxiety of childhood and adolescence: Challenges and opportunities
  2. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder From A Neurosciences And Behavioral Approach
  3. Relapse in the addictive behaviors
  4. Miscarriage effects on the mental health of the couple
  5. Insomnia and Behavioral Sleep Medicine
  6. Social Phobia and Social Anxiety
  7. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  8. Biophysical conceptualizations of human aggression
  9. HIV and AIDS Among the Severely Mentally Ill
  10. The Impact of the Family on Child Adjustment and Psychopathology
  11. Effects of CBT therapy for hypochondriacs last 10 years or more
  12. Mindfulness meditation reduces depression in the elderly
  13. How the Internet Inflates Estimates of Internal Knowledge
  14. Level of intelligence among addicts and non-addicts
  15. Personality assessment tests
  16. Development of verbal intelligence test for college students
  17. Bullying affect on primary students
  18. Media violence and children
  19. Child abuse rate among Pakistan
  20. Affects of parenting styles on children
  21. Can stress cause physical illness?
  22. Reasons behind the sleep deprivation in today’s youth
  23. How does depression ruin your daily life?
  24. Depression and obesity- is there any link?
  25. Alcohol consumption and its impacts on depression and anxiety.
  26. How does separation between parents cause distress among children
  27. Mental health of homeless people
  28. Abortion effects on the women’s mental health
  29. Mental health issues related to child trauma
  30. What sort of mental traumas faced by the disabled children and adults
  31. How do violent video games affect children and their brain development?
  32. Effect of violent cartoons on children’s behavior and mental state.
  33. How does bullying effect the social interaction of teenagers in high school or college?
  34. Causes of antisocial behavior among teenagers
  35. Long term effects of mental health issues
  36. Use of Drugs in Youth and it’s impact on Health.
  37. Causes of increase in the psychopathic behavior of teenagers and youth
  38. Stereotypes and gender roles in our society
  39. Abusive parents and child development
  40. Is psychology related to the ageing process?
  41. What are the causes of increasing anorexia rate in children?
  42. Causes of anorexia in adults
  43. Reasons for phobias and how to deal with them
  44. Psychology can be used to get control of chronic pain
  45. Recent studies suggest that anxiety and panic attacks can be treated using cognitive therapy
  46. Is behavioural therapy effective to treat criminals?
  47. Antidepressants can be addictive and their usage should be avoided.
  48. Factors that contribute to post-traumatic stress disorder
  49. What are the therapy practices effective in dealing with depression?
  50. Effect of an abusive relationship on the psychology of the victim
  51. Are antidepressants effective as a remedy for therapy?
  52. Insomnia – How to treat it clinically?
  53. Which therapy practices are effective in treating addictions?
  54. Causes of the rise in teenage suicides
  55. Is asexuality related to the psychology of a person?
  56. Psychology and suicidal thoughts
  57. How to control anxiety and depressing thoughts regarding death?
  58. What factors can cause multiple personality disorder?
  59. Violent video games are a cause of mood disorder among children.
  60. Reasons for phobias and how to deal with them
  61. Causes of PTSD in offices or workplace
  62. Is stalking considered as a psychological disorder?
  63. What are the factors that contribute to an eating disorder?
  64. Why is there an increase in eating disorders among the youth?
  65. What are the factors that contribute to an eating disorder?
  66. Is lying related to the psychology of a person?
  67. Discuss the effects of Autism.
  68. How is colour psychology effective in cognitive development studies?
  69. What is the attention span and how to measure it?
  70. Memory loss and different ways to recover it
  71. How memories affect the behavior of individuals?
  72. Which factors can help improve problem-solving abilities in children?
  73. What is a speech disorder and how it affects cognitive development?
  74. What is critical thinking and how to measure its ability in cognitive psychology?
  75. How can subconscious effect decision-making ability?
  76. Is single parenting suitable for a child’s mental development?
  77. Increasing violence among teenagers and children
  78. Social anxiety and social depression on an introvert child
  79. Racism and its effects
  80. Effects of bad memories on intelligence
  81. Reasons for the rising of divorce rate.
  82. Reasons why we generalize people
  83. Does narcissist person effects other family members mental health?
  84. Durable marriages, how can they be obtained
  85. Sex workers psychology as a normal human being.
  86. Hypnosis-pros and cons.
  87. Influence of music on mental health.
  88. How does financial crisis effects on a person’s mental health.
  89. Violent music-impact on children.
  90. Mental health improved through tolerance.
  91. Socializing and its benefits on mental health
  92. Is mortality influenced by harsh law
  93. Deviant behavior of sex offenders could be treated through cognitive behavioral treatment?
  94. Being attractive gets you a less complicated life? Is it true?
  95. Habits explained. When a recurring action become a habit?
  96. The work environment and its influence on self-esteem and motivation of workers
  97. Evolution of tortured methods through the years
  98. What are the tactics that the athletes can use to control and manage their emotions effectively? Discuss the role of negative emotions in violent sports like boxing.
  99. Can colors play a role in enhancing a person’s mood?
  100.  Work Place bullying and it’s Psychological impact on Employees Performance
  101.  Childhood Bullying as Mental Health Factor.
  102. Link between self-motivation and educational attainment level.
  103. Examine Child abuse as a psychological disorder.
  104. Examine the psychological consequences of a hate crime.
  105. The Impact of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  106. Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Depression and Anxiety
  107. The Effectiveness of Family Therapy in Treating Eating Disorders
  108. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia in Clinical Populations
  109. The Use of Virtual Reality in Exposure Therapy for Phobias
  110. The Role of Parenting in the Development of Childhood Anxiety
  111. The Efficacy of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain
  112. The Influence of Social Support on the Outcome of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression
  113. The Comparison of Medication and Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder
  114. The Effectiveness of Group Therapy in the Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders.


Psychology research papers are not that easy as they look just by reading the old research books. But If you are interested enough in your topic than it means you can complete your research without a fuss. The bitter truth is not every student has the writing skills, or time to dedicate to a research paper and its not something to be ashamed off. As a professional Writing Company, we can help you in your topic selection with additional help in writing, editing and  proofreading of your paper until final defense. 

In any scenario, if you are still baffled by your task, approach your educator for proposals and think about a couple from this rundown for motivation. Feel free to ask any questions related to your Psychology research work.

Do you Help in Topic Selection?

Yes, we do help in your topic selection related to your Subject interests and Degree program. You can contact us for topic selection.

What you cost for writing a thesis?

Prices may very form topic to topic and the type of methodology and analysis. In general, we cost 1200 Rs ($10) per page of 250 words for master and Phd level. If the topic involve extensive data collection and analysis then cost may vary from 1500 Rs ($10 to $25) to 2500 Rs.To get an accurate price you can ask for free quote by contacting us through email/whatsapp or call.

Can you Suggest Research questions for my psychology dissertation?

We can help you in formulating research questions based on your selected topic. Your research questions must answer the specific research problem and must fulfill the Gap you found in your literature research.
This is part of our paid writing services. We cost normally $150 for a complete proposal that cover all the aspects of your formal dissertation proposal. It contain Research Questions, Objectives, proposed methods, Research gap in previous literature, how to fill that gap through your proposed work and much more.

How to order for complete write up of thesis or Dissertation?

Contact us for a custom Quote. We will ask you about the topic, reference style to follow and the deadline before confirming a price. We normally cost 75000 Rs for 70 to 100 page thesis at master level and 120,000 Rs for Phd level dissertation.


    1. Gender Discrimination in Hiring Process: Comparative Analysis of Private Vs Government Organization
      If you need outline draft with research questions, gaps and proposed method then we will cost 6000 Rs for that part.

  1. Can you please suggest me with dissertation topic related to sports psychology or psychology in sports? For BA. Psychology honours

    1. Here are a few applied psychology research topics:

    2. The effects of mindfulness-based interventions on stress and anxiety in the workplace.
      The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy in the treatment of eating disorders.
      The impact of parental involvement on children’s academic achievement.
      The effectiveness of virtual reality exposure therapy for treating post-traumatic stress disorder.
      The relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership in the business sector.
      The influence of social media on self-esteem and body image concerns among adolescents.
      The impact of parental divorce on children’s mental health and well-being.
      The effectiveness of positive psychology interventions in promoting well-being and reducing depression.
      The use of teletherapy for providing mental health services to underserved populations.
      The impact of parental involvement on children’s academic achievement.
    3. Note: These are just some examples and it’s not an exhaustive list. There are many more topics in Applied Psychology.

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