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How to Write your Business thesis

A thesis is a very important document submitted at the end of the degree program by the students to let the instructors know that they what they learnt throughout the session. It is detailed in which students use skills to prove their abilities.

“If you really want to do something, you will find a way.
If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”

(Rohn, 2001)

Researching your Thesis

The topic for the thesis has been allotted and now the question arises that how to begin. Before doing so, we need to categorize our thesis as either qualitative or quantitative research work. The former being used to determine human behavior and to answer questions like when, how, where and we go on.

Whereas, the latter one is based on tables, charts, precise studies, hypothesis, exploring the possibilities and this sort of research is used in the marketing and business field.

  1. Abstract and Introduction: Research work starts by narrowing up your vast topic and highlighting the points that need to be discussed. You need to filter out the irrelevant details and be clear that what you want to discuss.By doing so, you would be able to create the abstract which is the gist of the topic. After that, you land into the introduction part. Here, I would like to discuss that it is entirely different from the abstract. Intro has to be the opening lines just like any ceremony where the welcome note serves the purpose.
  2. Data Collection : After that, you need to collect all the relevant data and looking into the possibilities. The data can be available from the research papers, articles, questionnaires. Here, an important point is that you need to be creative, as many others have already set their opinions on that topic so you need to show your skills and set up your own competitive edge.
  3. Exploring Limitations and Suggestions: Every topic can be dragged and summarized. By exploring the limitations and suggestions you get a complete grasp of your topic. It is time to start jotting down your research.

Writing the Thesis for your MS Business Degree

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In writing a thesis, you need to follow the pattern given by the instructor. But there are a few things that you need to focus on;

  • Use simple language, no need to use fancy and difficult words that your intended readers could not understand.
  • Sentences should have no grammar mistakes. Try to make shorter sentences and use business terms for your business thesis.
  • A formal academic tone is preferred use either past, present or future tense. Try not to use multiple tenses.
  • Use APA citation and references. References are very important as they tell the reader that what is the point of view of others and what is your take on the topic. These tools for references are very helpful to use for your thesis.
  • The data should be written in a flow that each paragraph is consistent with the other and there are no abrupt ideas.
  • The document should be edited at least twice.
  • Always create an outline, it will help you stick to the topic and you will not wander.
  • Always explain your ideas with examples and illustration if possible.

By keeping in mind these simple tips you will enjoy researching and writing your thesis. Happy Writing!

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