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Top US Freelance writers to get your paper proofread and edited

You might have been searching for most relevant US freelance academic writers help on Upwork and various other third party websites. We are intended to save your money by giving you the contact details of 10 top rated US freelancers for proof reading papers. You can contact them for proofreading and editing PHD papers. It will save a lot of your money as you do not need to pay extra amount of money to third party service providers such as upwork and freelance. Furthermore, you can get academic writers help from these top rated US freelancers.As a professional writing company we can connect you with best writers who are available to get your manuscript edited and proofread professionally.

Proofreading will consist of a thorough review of grammar and consistent use of terminology and structure. In order to make your manuscript edited you must love words with the ability to create pictures with words.Authors have the ability to transport a reader to another time, another place, another land, and to increase understanding. 

In proofreading, you can expect correction of spelling, grammar, syntax, spacing, punctuation, word flow, and word tense. We will provide a Tracked Changes copy so that you will know what errors were discovered and what actions were taken to correct them, along with instruction on how to select the changes you wish to keep. 

We have extensive editing and proofreading experience for novels, non-fiction, articles and blog posts.
I am offering proofreading and editing of science/medical articles. We will analyze your content for proper APA formatting, grammar and sentence structure, cohesiveness and flow, as well as suggest revisions regarding related subject matter. Having extensive experience, we will help revise research articles on topics such as neuro biology, cadaver case studies, and bioethics.

  • Detailed, in-depth proofreading for grammar and style
  • Correction of misspellings, typos and other errors throughout
  • Restructuring awkward sentences and improving word choice
  • Overall impressions and general feedback regarding content 
  • Delivery of a carefully annotated Google document with embedded corrections.

Our package includes the following services:

  • Correction of basic spelling and capitalization errors.
  • Correcting grammar mistakes.
  • Analysis and correction of syntax.
  • Making suggestions for an improved readability.
  • Check unnecessary wordiness.
  • Full Word markup for you to comprehensively trace all changes.
  • Checking whether your arguments are consistent.

Our mission is to provide quality editing and proofreading services at an affordable price. We understand the hard work you have done in writing your manuscript and we can help you polish it even more and get it ready for publication.

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