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How Proofread & Edit can help in writing great thesis or Dissertation?

Editing and proofreading are integral part of thesis and dissertation writing. More often than not, writers may veer off the main focus set out at the beginning of the writing process. Authors invariably hire professional proofreading and editing services upon completion of the first draft towards the final piece. Editing starts after the end of the first draft and onwards till the last. Its majors on the core facets of writing, presentation, and communication of the general idea. These ensure the paper attains coherency, and smooth paragraph transitions with a consistent flow, and the evidence support the augment.

Proofreading, on the other hand, focuses on surface errors such as misspelled words, typographical mistakes, and grammatical errors like punctuation.  

You will find many writing services online that offers an array of editing and proofreading services, that gives the writer a helping hand in producing an impeccable piece of manuscript. Thesis editing and proofreading are the backbone of academic writing phase that no students should under estimate. Writers should seek the services of an editor with a background in the field of their subject. These mitigate the risk of diluting the content and also ensures the document abides the standards of academic writing.

The table list the difference between editing and proofreading.

This a continuous process, commencing on the first draft and finalizing on the final draft. Proofreading  occurs on the final drafted document.
Editing intend to address the  fundamental aspects of writing that include sentence structure and it’s overall connection to the topic.Dissertation editing is a complex process where you have to look for core editing to make overall connection to your research questions.Proofreading focuses on surface errors, for example, punctuation,spellings and grammar corrections.
The basic definition varies depending on the scope of editing. The definition is agreed upon and is consistent
Increase the quality of the piece, changes made enhance clarity and smooth transition of the general idea. Deals with misspelled words, syntax errors, formatting errors.
Includes the reduction of the word count if required. Word count reduction not included.
Upon completion, the general quality of the piece is enhanced. It does not deal with the quality upgrade of the final; instead, removal errors is the primary goal.
In editing, collaboration is required between the editor and the author. This is to ensure the original idea prevails throughout the paper. It does not require intense collaboration with the writer.
The turnaround time is longer since it involves intricate details of the work. Shorter turnaround time since it only details with surface errors.
Difference between Proofreading and editing

Before proofreading of your thesis, the writer should incorporate the above mentioned steps and crosscheck the document organization. You must be clear in language selection, eliminate misspelled words, typographical errors, and punctuation errors. Final proofreading can ensure the perfect piece of writing that will be academically correct and effective.

There are some genuine reasons that will suggest you to hire professional proofreading and editing services that will ensure your manuscript acceptable to the journal or your University academci standards. One is when the document needs extensive revision for clarity, fluidity, and readability. Secondly, the author requires collaborating with an editor for perfecting and honing the paper.

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