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How to write a good medical thesis?

Scientific writing depends on the thinking quality and is reflected as a creative process that is considered both scientific and artistic (Brand 2003).  In a good medical thesis, a particular research question is addressed appropriately. It is basically the main organizing principle of the research thesis. The whole content of the thesis is related to or revolves around the main research question or hypothesis. Generally all the thesis or research work is divided in few sections which are considered as customary. This is known as Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion (IMRaD) format. If Abstract is also included in the paper, then it becomes AIMRaD format. Most of the medical thesis follow the above stated formats, as it also a requirement for publishing papers. Following is the standard format for all medical theses;

Title : The title of your manuscript is the first opportunity to capture your reader attention.Your  Medical Thesis topic should be informative and should explain the purpose of your topic in concise manner. Thesis Tile should address your area of interest so you can keep yourself and your readers motivated till the last paragraph of the thesis.

Authors – who contribute in making of the thesis

Keywords – required for retrieving the paper from a database; about 5-6 are enough

Abstract – not more than 300 words

Introduction – constitute background, objectives, hypothesis and rationale of the study

Methods – describes the plan of the study and reliability and validity of the results

Results – outcomes of the research with tables and illustrations

Discussion – previous literature is used and related to the topic

References – Preferably in Vancouver format, all references used in the paper need to be listed

Tools, Resources and Data Helpful in Writing a Good Medical Thesis

There are several tools that might be helpful in writing a god medical thesis. However, GraphPad Prism, SPSS, AutoDock, EndNote, ACS ChemWorx, LaTeX, etc are some of the renowned tools that are used in medical thesis writing for more accurate and credible results. Additionally, the data and resources that are required in writing a  good medical thesis needs to be authentic, published and credible resources. While preparing a thesis, the Uniform Requirements (2010) of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors; is an important resource for medical thesis. This committee represents 500 journals around the globe. Vancouver group, is another name of this committee.

Top 100 Medical Thesis Topics with Abstract for Medical Students

Here is the list of top 100 medical thesis topics from Yale University,school of Medicine.List start from 2017,2016, and so on that make more than thousand thesis. This will give you best idea about your topic selection.You can read the abstract of these thesis and can make specific to your area of interest and region.This will give you an idea about topic selection with abstract.

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