Find a Research Gap to explore your thesis research

How to find a research gap for your Research Paper?

The research gap is a research problem that need to be answered and have to filled by the writer through research,investigation or observation.Finding a research gap help you write a quality literature review. It’s basically an insufficient information that limit the ability to reach a perfect result for a research problem. Research gap helps you to know what exists there (before) and what needs to be done for the perfect result of a research problem.

A gap analysis is a formal study to create a technical and evidence reports. Research gap will show you the difference between business requirements and current capabilities in interested area. It is also use to develop a better process to study a performed research. It helps in determining that current process is useful or research problem need an alternate process with the fusion of different technique. It will also evaluate difference between company or area expectation with the currents level of performance.

This type of analysis is performed at operational level of an area. Research gap will help in publishing the research because it shows that the research is not duplicating the existing research. It is necessary to investigate the problem in your research which has not been discussed before. The researcher has a target to evaluate additional information in research problem that what needs to be done in society to help eliminate the research gap. Research gap is also depends on researcher interest and curiosity on a certain subject. The research gap helps in deep literature understanding and vast study on alternate trends in particular area. To manage the answer of any problem in the research you must have to calculate the research gap. 

Many literature reviews can help you to identify area that was not informed with their particular problem. Research gap saves the researcher time as they conduct the deep analysis of the case study. Research gap is necessary to find weather the research has been done before on your similar topic. If you’re chosen the topic that has been already published then find out research gap, the problem which has been missed in the topic. Research gap also help you to find out accurate tool of research which will increase the chance of your research getting published. The selection of the research gap is depending on accuracy of a available literature. This is similar to decision making process where decision is taken from different academic resources like journals,periodicals and books. 

To identify the research gap need close examination on the relevant topic in the particular area. To identify the research gap researcher have to read systemic reviews. Through this he can examine the trends and change in definite question of study and give a summary of the literature which will help to save the time of other researchers. Research gap can be analysis through content report, citation report and Meta research analysis reports. Meta-analysis has lack of expertise and information that’s why it is least proffered by researchers. These reports are helpful in findings of previous research content. 

PICOS frame work can also used to characterize the research gap.

(P) Population) problem: To describe group of population or problem which was discussed in the previous researches research? 

(I) Intervention: To relate the main intervention and prognostic factor of previous and new research. 

(C) Comparison: To determine whether the current process is useful or the problem need alternate changes in the process for good results.

(O) Outcomes: To find out the society problem which had not describe in previous research? 

(S) Settings: Identify the information regarding relevant settings for particular research gap.

Another way to find research gap is to visit the website of most accurate article of relevant topics. In every article there is a Key concepts section which is informed by debates and theories on that topic. These key concepts are short story of the research by scholar. Focus on the key concept section, author shows the direction and suggestion for further research that has not been included in his research.  There is also reference section which describes about the book or paper on that particular topic. Backward and forward reference will help to find out research gap more accurately. Backward reference is used to identify the too which was used by experts and institution that are specialize in similar topic. Forward reference helps a researcher to focus on the points which is not created in initial original article   this can help in finding research gap.

There is another way to finding the research gap is called state of Art paper. This paper has the summary of that particular topic. This type of has also identify the areas of research in future. The specific knowledge about the topic will help you to evaluate the problem arising in the area and has not been solve and discussed before. 

To determine the research gap use Google trend. It shows people interests and popular problem in an area. It also shows society regional interests index which provides queries about the relevant topics.

Research gap has clear and deep study about the topic by pilot testing. Pilot testing allows to improving your research design and ensuring that the research runs smoothly and dramatically enhancing the result. It shows the tools which was used previously in the particular research. This process can be use to find research gap in all type of researches.  Research gap is depend on evidence base practice and will save time of researchers. This research gap limits the new results for making decisions. It can also be find through reading relevant research articles. PRISMA is the widely used to find out research gap in research. This ensures you about the previous work by other authors. 

After determining the research gap researcher has to find out particular problem for the research question. Research gap is a positively related to problem identification in previous research according to evidence based research. Research gap shows the limitation and future research problems in a summarized way.  It also shows the complication of future research in different articles by different authors. The combined information of topic gathered from different articles, papers and thesis can lead to research gap.


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