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How to Write a Great Literature Review for your Thesis

A literature review for your thesis is the first step towards your research objectives.You should clearly follow the academic experts guideline to avoid any risk.

A literature review involves the search, examination and the evaluation of the available information and literature on the topic under study or investigation. A comprehensive literature review documents...

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How to Write your Business thesis

A thesis is a very important document submitted at the end of the degree program by the students to let the instructors know that they what they learnt throughout the session. It is detailed in which students use skills to prove their abilities.

“If you really want to do something, you...

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How to write a Good Thesis based on Qualitative Study?

After selecting the topic for your thesis you have to decide if it should be based on qualitative, quantitative or mixed approach. Although, It depends on your research topic and  objectives to select the approach but you have to careful while selecting your approach. The primary purpose of qualitative research is to provide a conceptual understanding of the...

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Helpful Sources for Thesis Topic Selection

Selection of a topic for thesis is a difficult… No, now it’s not difficult because you’re living in global village. Now, every revolution is under your eyes.

So, to select a modern and an appropriate topic for thesis is not being an issue but an important task because you will be expected to commit 3-4 years of your life to this topic and devote...

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How to write M.Phil degree thesis

Thesis may be defined as a long piece of writing on a particular subject, it’s mainly written for higher college or university degree.In Pakistan and India, thesis writing is mostly the final year bachelor or Master degree program with 6 credit hours assigned in two semesters. Three credit hours are assigned for Synopsis or proposal...

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15 Writing & Research tools for students

If you are a student or Researcher or a scholar then you should use some tools that will help you focus on your Research papers instead of involving yourself in other complexities of formatting,referencing etc.These tools will not only save your time and cost but also will help your papers Academically perfect  to meed the academic...