list of 100+ PHARMACY Research Topics for Thesis or Dissertation

100+ PHARMACY Research Topics for Thesis or Dissertation

good dissertation or thesis topic is one that allow you to research, write and produce a piece of unique work within a limited amount of time and resources. One of the most important factors in choosing picking a thesis topic is to work on something that you really love, keep you engage and interested so you can focus on it till the successful defense of your dissertation.If you are a pharmacy...

Academic writers for Saudi Arab Students

Best Academic writers for Saudi Arab Students

Due to non native background most of Arab students feel it difficult to get their paper done as it gone through native english speakers.It is often noticed that Saudi Arab students find difficulty in writing their research papers and they need assistance from professional academic writers. We endeavor to provide a list of best academic writers for Saudi Arab students to help them write well researched and plagiarism free academic papers, dissertations, and research...

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How to directly hire Professional academic writers

You might have paid extra amount to third part sites (fiverr, Upwork and freelancer) for hiring a professional academic writer. It not only costs extra amount but also you are unable to talk to them directly after you have reviewed them. It is important to talk to professional academic writers directly for saving money and time. We are intended to help you by providing effective ways and guidelines for hiring professional academic writers directly without the intervention...

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How to make Research Questions for your dissertation

The twenty first century is the era of practicality.Gone are the days where important decisions were based on feelings rather than facts.The world has seen a shift in perspective with the prosperous countries of the world putting immense funding into science and technology that has resulted in the advancement of the human society.But what has made all of this possible?Human beings’ thirst for knowledge.


How to Pass your MS/M-Phil thesis?

Thesis is a long scholarly paper that is typically used to sum up learned knowledge in your master's program that is usually done in last two semesters in Pakistan.In 3rd semester you are required to prepare your synopsis or proposal part an din the 4th that is last semester you will have to make,prepare and submit your final thesis. Unfortunately, you get very less support form your supervisor and other colleagues that increase your time duration...

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How to Prepare for CSS English Essay and Compostion

CSS is one of the best dream career for the youth of Pakistan but passing in this exam is not a cup of tea that is why it's called competitive exams and almost 90% of candidates fails in English essay and Precis& composition paper.if you want to start preparation for your CSS exams then start it now  to appear for 2019 CSS exams.I will recommend some best source of learning essay an improving your english writing skills here.


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How to Research & Write a Thesis for MS Business Degree

A thesis is a very important document submitted at the end of the degree program by the students to let the instructors know that they what they learnt throughout the session. It is detailed in which students use skills to prove their abilities.
“If you really want to do something, you will find a way.

If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse”

(Rohn, 2001)

Researching your Thesis

The topic for the thesis has...

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How to write a good medical thesis?

Scientific writing depends on the thinking quality and is reflected as a creative process that is considered both scientific and artistic (Brand 2003).  In a good medical thesis, a particular research question is addressed appropriately. It is basically the main organizing principle of the research thesis. The whole content of the thesis is related to or revolves around the main research question or hypothesis. Generally all the thesis or research work is divided in few...

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How to Write a Great Literature Review for your Thesis

A literature review for your thesis is the first step towards your research objectives.You should clearly follow the academic experts guideline to avoid any risk.

A literature review involves the search, examination and the evaluation of the available information and literature on the topic under study or investigation. A comprehensive literature review documents state of the art about the subject of study. In academic research, a literature review shows the reader that...

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How to Write a Thesis ? Simple Guidelines to Follow

Thesis Writing can never be an easy task for the student. They seem like a heart attack when it comes to writing their thesis work as it required planning and research skills that will be great value in their future. During Thesis writing, students must be focused and should collect all the relative data in a short period. There are many ways of writing a thesis and many colleges provide some guidance to their students also. When you start your...