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Journal Article Writing Services for Doctors

Writing a research paper at the peak of your academic career is the lengthy and time taking process which is most of the time difficult for the scholars to pursue till the publication of your paper. Writing Research articles for some medical journal are mostly needed to advance your Professional career or job promotion as per HEC rules. If you are a Doctor or Medical teacher then you may need some published articles in PMDC and HEC recognized journal for your promotion or the advancement of your medical specialization.

Writing for journal is time taking and highly researched work that take much efforts and technical background to ensure acceptance in High Quality Journal.

Medical Writing Services Pakistan
Medical Research Writing Services for HEC & PMDC Approved Journals

One of the biggest difficulties that individuals encounter while writing a journal article is its requirement of being succinct, concise and overall, factually and scientifically accurate. Additionally, it is quite imperative that the results, methodologies and processes presented in journal articles can be peer reviewed, cross-referenced and/or replicated (experimentally) if necessary.

Medical Research Paper Writing Samples:

Here you can check work samples that have been published in HEC and PMC recognized journals.

 Medical Research Topics We Can Cover:

Our medical writers and researchers can help you in:

  • Public Health Issues
  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Research
  • Medicines and Drugs research
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Pharmacotherapy Research writing
  • Herbs and Nutrient in-depth Research
  • Supplements and Drugs Interactions.
  • Clinical Trials.
  • Medical Facts / Consequences

Why You Should Hire an expert from ?

Our writing is well qualified with verified credentials who can undertake your Research Work on your assigned topic.  We can find the Research gap in your assigned topic and will prepare a Paper for your Targeted Journal. Our Experienced researchers can prepare a manuscript for  authenticated publishers SCI, Scopus, Elsevier, ISI, Springer and other Journals of your choice.

Here are some Frequently asked Questions regarding Article writing for Publication in journals.

Who might take this Research Article writing service
If you are a doctor or a student with MBBS degree then you must know that it’s mandatory for you to have some publication in HEC& PMDC recognized journal. If you are applying for specialization or scholarship in foreign university then still you can increase your chance of selection or promotion if you have research work published in national or international journal. We can help you in your medical research to get your work experience as a research paper with some additional polishing. This ensure the acceptance for your research work as a research paper in international reputed journals.
What type of Manuscript you help in Medical sciences?
We can help you to write about any medical and healthcare-related topics based on scientific evidence or evidence-based medicine. It could be an article, essay, scientific paper (evidence-based case reports, case reports, original article, review), proposal, report, etc.
What type of international journals we can help you to publish your paper?
The international journals in which we can help to publish your manuscript are: Scopus indexed journals. An ISO 9001:2015 certified international journals. Google scholar indexed journals. Scientific indexing services. Scientific journal impact factor. Digital online identifier DOI. SCI, Nat Med, Neuron, Sci Rep, et al and many more
Do you Guarantee the Publication of my research work?
We have 7 years of research and writing experience which make us confident enough to ensure  the acceptance of your research work. However, we cost you only for research and writing based on your work experience as a doctor. We are ethically bound to use your data and suggest you the research topics based on your experience and sociality. You will provide us the required data and stats through permission from your head organization. By using the provided data we will conduct the analysis and will convert into a research paper that will fulfill the format of your selected journal. 
What is the Price for Research Article writing?
Price may vary from topic to topic and the level of research needed as well as the journal you select. For Medium (Y or Z category journal of HEC &PMDC) price will be from 90,000 Rs to 150000 Rs ($1200) from topic selection to the final paper with complete analysis where data collection will be your responsibility. Cost may be 120k to 200k where you just provide us your main area of research and we will do all work from zero to finish. Data collection and analysis is included in this price. For international journals, research paper writing, editing and proofreading as a lump sum may cost from 250,000 Rs to 450,000 Rs ($2000 to $45000). These international journals mostly  based in USA,UK,CA, China or Australia. PS: You can pay in 2 or 3 equal installments that will further make you easy to manage the cost. You can further reduce the cost by inviting your colleagues as a co author and contribute equally to cover the cost.
Do you Help in medical literature search and systematic review?
We can find and help you in literature searching for your medicine and healthcare research using research databases such as EBSCO Host, Google Scholar, Science Direct, PubMed, etc.

Literature search for Meta-analysis. Literature search for Systematic review. Literature search for Research Article.

This can easily be imported in your Endnote, Mendeley or Zotero software.

General Questions about payment and our company
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