Is there any risk involved if i hire your services?

Every enterprise is accompanied by inherent risks, and in considering our services, it’s imperative to acknowledge these potential risks prior to enlisting our support. While we are dedicated to the provision of high-caliber work, it is important to recognize that certain circumstances may arise where students encounter challenges in defending their theses, sometimes attributing this to our services.

To proactively mitigate such eventualities, we have implemented a multi-faceted approach. We ensure that you receive periodic updates on a chapter-by-chapter basis and furnish you with a comprehensive plagiarism report. This empowers you to personally scrutinize the work and engage with your supervisor for any requisite revisions or modifications.

Furthermore, our engagement model entails an initial 50% advance payment, with the remaining balance being due only upon your contentment with the initial update. It is crucial to note that even after these precautions, should the outcome of your thesis not meet the desired standard, we must clarify that we cannot be held accountable for subsequent failures or suboptimal grades. Regrettably, we do not offer refunds in cases where a thesis or course is not successfully completed.

It is essential to bear in mind that our role is confined to the provision of writing services. While we facilitate the creation of content, we are not equipped to actively participate in the defense of your thesis before academic authorities or external evaluators. Consequently, it is highly advisable to methodically engage with each chapter of the thesis and seek clarification for any inquiries that may arise.

We ardently believe in transparent collaboration and the empowerment of our clients to take an active role in their academic pursuits. Through this mutual understanding, we aspire to provide the necessary support while acknowledging the limitations of our scope of service.

Can i meet my writer in person?

No. You can’t contact writer directly and we do not allow this. You and your writer both unknown to each other and we are responsible for any work related issues and this is the reason we are here to serve both parties interest.. If you have any questions then you can email your questions to the same mail where you get work. You will get all correspondence from [email protected]  or [email protected]

Why i should Trust you and Pay you in advance?

We truly understand your concerns as there are SCAMS online and too many risk involved.To address this concern you can check our reviews on Facebook and Google.

You can check our reviews at   TrustPilot and Sitejabber as well.

Secondly, you pay us through our bank accounts for which you get receipt which is a legal proof that you sent money.

Thirdly,we have office in Islamabad where you can meet us face to face.Although,we prefer online communication through email for tracking purpose but for your convenience you can meet us or if you can’t come then you can ask someone to meet us.There will be no meeting with our writers and we will meet only for convenience.All correspondence for writing work will be through e mail only.

Note: We accept payment though Bank/Easypaisa only.

If you still have concerns then we will advise you to search for any other writing services where you feel satisfied.


I still have Questions?how to contact you

You can contact us here for any questions regarding your Academic task.

How will i assure about Plagiarism?

Turnitn is the standard of checking your paper for similarity index and plagiarism.Your paper will never be added to the turnitin Database as we will do settings so when your instructor check your paper then it should not show plagiarism against your own paper.

Is there a money back guarantee or Refund?

We send you chapter wise updates and proceed to next chapter once you OK the first chapter and we proceed further.There will be no refund for the work we already started and completed. We take payment in installments or 50% advance payment. Fro example if you are not satisfied with he first chapter then we will only refund the payment for the next chapters we have not started yet.We offer free modifications till the topic is not changed. We will do free revision within the topic.

In Following cases we offer you 100% refund.

Plagiarized paper more then 30%.

Topic is completely different or selected wrongfully.

Didn’t followed your required referencing style.In this case we will change the style but no refund.

We can also offer you partial refunds if you are not satisfied with the quality of work but it should be clearly justified.Grammatical mistakes or format could not be used as a justification to ask for refund.

How will I receive my Writing Work?

Through Email or google drive link.As soon as the writer completes your paper, you should receive a notification email or SMS text with the link to your writing work. However, when the deadline approaches you should also check your paper by contacting us to avoid any kind of  misunderstandings.

How To Place the order with WritersPK?

You can Fill the form below to place the order.Here you will be asked about your topic and contact number with your email.

Fill the Form here

You can also call at +92 312 5334949 or email at [email protected]  or contact us here to get reply within one hour

Is your writing service confidential?

While placing an order with WritersPK you will be asked to provide such personal information as your name,  phone number,email address and the topic.  We do not distribute your personal information to the third parties. It is very important for you to know that we will contact you using only our email [email protected] or phone number +92 312 5334949.

How to Pay for my Writing Order?

We proudly offer a diverse array of payment options, catering to both local and international clients. Our accepted methods include Bank Transfer, Paypal, credit cards, Bitcoin, Western Union, Xoom, and more. For detailed information, kindly refer to our comprehensive payment page. Your convenience is our priority, and we strive to make your payment process seamless and secure.